To me, woodblock printing is a dialog with my own fantasy, a means of reinventing utopia in shape and form. Mywork expresses a world view, in which fantasy and reality overlap. By constantly examining the crucial physicalmedium, the "block", of woodblock printing,I am fascinated by the serendipity that arises through its intervention: the natural texture and veining of wood, the traces of engraving, and the novel graphic expression by the colors that emerge from the penetration of the combined water- and oil-based pigments into the fibers of washi (the Japanese traditional paper).

  There is an energy in my life that makes me restless: my fantasy worlds, which are bouncing around inside my brain from time to time—an orgy that cannot be shut off in short. Untouchable as they are, these fantasy worlds are real and true reflections of me. I have, therefore, engraved these fantasies on wooden blocks and repeatedly printed them on washi, visualizing the uneasiness, madness, and joy in those worlds. I find this process more of a performative creation than simply painting on paper.

  I have also framed some of my prints into handmade books. I like the warmth of them.